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Daily, individuals make life-changing decisions about relationships that impact themselves and their families for generations to come. The Answer provides a very relevant and real-life response to the questions that should be asked before, during, and in between relationships.

The Answer is a platform that uniquely acknowledges the fact that people enter relationships for a multitude of reasons and circumstances. It strategically provides individuals with a level of empowered thinking, regardless of their relationship status. Offering answers that empower listeners to cultivate and invest in their relational growth.

This conference was created to equip singles to say “I do” and empower married couples to say “I still do.” The conference will tackle the tough questions about relationships by uniting forces with nationally acclaimed speakers and couples who share their stories, experiences and perspectives unveiling their defeats that turned into triumphant victories.

Lady J and I know and understand that it takes faith, prayer, and hard work to have a healthy marriage. The Answer Conference is providing individuals with the tools for a healthy relationship. The Answer Conference is ‘Rated R,’ where we discuss what’s Real, what’s Relevant, and what’s Right!

Terrance Pastor J Johnson & Torsha Lady J Johnson

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